Part 2. A self-reflection on remote working, one year on

Forced by the pandemic, same as those people fortunate enough to be able to do it, I am working remotely for over a year. I am thankful and blessed, but I ask myself — am I genuinely working remotely? Or…

We create value in software development by building the right thing, building it well, at the right time.

The “right thing” implies identifying the most valuable work items, “building it well” covers the quality of what we produce, and “the right time” means getting it in the hands of our…

Use of incremental design in improving ways of working

“We are unique. We are doing something special. In our case, all that Agile stuff is not applicable, and it goes out of the window.”

And this is how it begins — an endless energy-sapping battle of whether Agile applies to us or not, to what is Agile.

How can…

Part 1. Starting the journey of optimizing for remote working — explicit commitments and creating space for work to happen.

Many people around the world have been forced by current circumstances to work from home, and they find themselves needing to adapt very quickly.

Given this swift and abrupt transition, it is reasonable than the new way of working can be unsettling, and potentially even less productive for a while.

Something is not right. We ought to do better, I know that. But how? I think I need to consult an expert.

This is a common thought process for someone who cares and wants to improve the working practices of an organisation. It is very tempting to solely rely on…

Have you ever worked in a project where tracking and reporting of work was always seen as a chore, something that wasn’t considered useful? As time goes on reporting slowly deteriorates. Or maybe it was never good. …

No matter how much I wanted to avoid the topic of delivery timelines, it was always coming back – ‘how much can we build, when will it be done?’

These questions are significantly harder to answer when multiple teams are working together on the same problem — for instance they…


‘When will it be done?’ is one of the most common and difficult questions to answer in software development.

Estimating in software is traditionally difficult, inaccurate most of the time, with project teams spending a significant amount of time on the process.

There are a number of contributing factors to…

You’ve got a project to deliver. You’ve got a neat plan. You expect that the team will deliver the scope as planned.

The work starts. You start with two components, A depending on B, each backed by a delivery team. You issue a plan showing delivery of A and B

A Kanban system is well suited for ways of working based on continuous flow, where the start/stops are reduced and work items flow through the system in a continuous fashion.

Continuous Delivery (CD) is a set of capabilities that enable us to get changes of all kind — features, configuration…

Peter Pito

Agile practitioner and software developer at heart. Husband, father and rookie triathlete. I try to be the best version of myself, as often as I can.

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