I'm Peter Pito, and I dedicated my entire professional life (over 20 years now) to software development. Throughout my career, I developed, architected and managed teams.

My last decade's focus has been on delivering large-scale engagements, digital transformations for banking (large household names to challenger ones) and public sector clients.

I worked with clients across Europe and APAC, from highly regulated environments to policy-driven ones.

Along the way, I learned about agility and how to build high-performing teams, and it is my passion to share my experiences.

I had some great successes along the way, achieving more than was thought possible and some challenging ones, providing an opportunity to learn and sharpen my craft.

I am passionate about agility in general. Biased towards continuous flow, a heavy user of flow metrics and forecasting. I dabble with Cynefin and Wardley mapping.

I approach things differently and challenge others to do the same. I am visual and have multiple examples to show and provoke different thinking.

On a non-professional level, my family matters to me more than anything else. They are the bedrock of my career, and I would not have accomplished what I did without them.

I love sports and am an enthusiastic triathlete pushing the boundaries of what I can achieve.

I would love to hear from you - you can connect with me via Twitter.



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Peter Pito

Peter Pito


Agile practitioner and software developer at heart. Husband, father and rookie triathlete. I try to be the best version of myself, as often as I can.