We are unique, but …

“We are unique. We are doing something special. In our case, all that Agile stuff is not applicable, and it goes out of the window.”

And this is how it begins — an endless energy-sapping battle of whether Agile applies to us or not, to what is Agile.

How can we move away from these arguments to those that matter? To use our finite energy to unlock the real value for our customers?

There is an XP programming practice called incremental design — a practice that encourages investment in the design of the system everyday.

While this principle is referring to software design, we can extrapolate it and use it to improve our work practices.

Consider the delivery aspect of a project or a product as a system. This system has a design. Deliberate or accidental.

All the work practices expressed as principles, rules, heuristics that a team follow are part of this design — the design of ways of working.

We can take the XP practice of incremental design and use it as a driver to invest in improving our work practices, everyday. We can move away from the arguments of “Agile” vs non-agile, and focus on what matters — agility (lower “a”) achieved by a desire for continuous improvements of our ways of working.

We are all unique but not that unique as we think.

Photo by Ruvim Miksanskiy from Pexels



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Peter Pito

Peter Pito


Agile practitioner and software developer at heart. Husband, father and rookie triathlete. I try to be the best version of myself, as often as I can.